Oct 7 - Jan 8

Drawing the Curtain: Maurice Sendak's Designs for Opera and Ballet

Calling all wild things, mischievous children, and lovable characters! Come to the Brooks and be transported from page to stage to faraway places...

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September 30 - October 21

Brooks Outside: Evanescent

Come explore this immersive, outdoor light and sound experience inspired by the beauty, fragility, and transience of the natural world.

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New Acquisition

Memphis on the Mississippi (Ode to Tom Lee)

To further build Memphis' Art Collection, the Brooks has commissioned the Memphis-based artist Carl E. Moore to create a work inspired by our soon-to-be new location Downtown on the banks of the Mississippi River.

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November 12, 2022

Barrel to Barrel - Grand Auction

This year, the Memphis Wine + Food Series is making a comeback as Barrel to Barrel, a single party and grand auction celebrating not only fine wine and food but also craft bourbons, and – of course – art.

Maurice Sendak, 'Diorama of Moishe scrim and flower proscenium (Where the Wild Things Are),' 1979-1983, watercolor, pen and ink, and graphite pencil on laminated paperboard. © The Maurice Sendak Foundation. The Morgan Library & Museum, Bequest of Maurice Sendak, 2013.103:69, 70, 71.
Carl E. Moore, 'Memphis on the Mississippi (Ode to Tom Lee)', 2022. Acrylic on canvas.
Carl E. Moore, 'Memphis on the Mississippi (Ode to Tom Lee)', 2022. Acrylic on canvas.

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11th to 13th Centuries: Romanesque & Gothic Art & Architecture

October 5, 2022

Join us for our sixth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. Topics including architecture, stained glass, holy robbery and Christian art of the 11th to 13th centuries will be covered.

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14th & 15th Centuries: Early Renaissance Italy & Northern Europe

October 6, 2022

Join us for our seventh art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. Topics covered will include the early Renaissance artists like Donatello, Botticelli and Jan van Eyck.

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Maurice Sendak's Second Career

October 8, 2022

Maurice Sendak's Second Career lecture by Rachel Federman

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15th & 16th Centuries: Art & Exchange in the Age of Global Exploration

October 12, 2022

Join us for our eighth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. We'll explore the significance of trade along with the impact exploitation and colonization had globally.

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Illustrator to Illustrator: A Tour with Mia Saine

October 12, 2022

In the spirit of wonderful illustrators, we're excited to announce Mia Saine will be giving a tour of "Drawing the Curtain: Maurice Sendak's Designs for Opera and Ballet" at your Brooks!

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16th Century: High Renaissance Italy & The Art of Reformation Europe

October 13, 2022

Join us for our ninth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. Let's discuss the Renaissance and the prominent artists of the time along with other major changes of the time.

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17th Century: The Counter-Reformation & Baroque Art

October 19, 2022

Join us for our eleventh art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. We will have much to discuss over what impactful changes led the artistic movements in the western world.

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Drawing the Curtain: Homeschool Days

October 20, 2022

Maurice Sendak is most well-known for his children’s books like Where the Wild Things Are, but did you know he also designed sets and costumes for opera and ballet? Come learn about the Brooks Museum’s special exhibition Drawing the Curtain: Maurice Sendak’s Designs for Opera and Ballet! This exhibition brings together drawing, theater, music, and performance to create an interdisciplinary experience. Come explore our interactive performance space and unleash your “wild thing” in our art studio!

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Club House Zen

October 21, 2022
5:30 - 7:30p

Close out Brooks Outside: Evanescent in style! With music by Jared “Jay. B” Boyd and Ross al Ghul of BodyWerk, experience the final night of this stunning art installation from Australia.

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Sendak Teacher Workshop

October 22, 2022

Calling all teachers and educators! Let's get to learning at the Brooks with strategies for classroom instruction based off Sendak's work.

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Día de los Muertos

October 29, 2022
Parade 11:30-12:30p | Festival from 12:30 - 3:30

The annual Dia de Los Muertos Celebration is back! Join your museum and Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre Group in this parade and festival where you and your family are invited to honor ancestors and celebrate the cycle of life and death.

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18th & 19th Centuries: The Rococo, Neoclassicism, & Romanticism

November 2, 2022

Join us for our eleventh art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. Let's talk about the Baroque period and what led up to it. We'll review influential works by artists such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and more.

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Late 19th Century: Realism, Impressionism, & Post-Impressionism

November 3, 2022

Join us for our twelfth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. We'll explore how artworks have responded to modern society and the impact of the eras of Realism and Impressionism.

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A Quest for the Magic Flute

November 5, 2022

Join us on a musical journey to discover the wonder of 'The Magic Flute'!

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Early 20th Century: Cubism, Dada, & The Harlem Renaissance

November 9, 2022

Join us for our thirteenth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. Today we'll discuss big picture questions in art and consider how artists responded to the first World War and the Harlem Renaissance.

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Mid- and Late-20th Century: Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, & Institutional Critique

November 10, 2022

Join us for our fourteenth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. In this lesson we'll move on closer to our current era, by looking at works created by Jackson Pollock, Eva Hesse, Andy Warhol, the Guerrilla Girls and more.

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Global Contemporary Art

November 16, 2022

Join us for our fifteenth art history lecture taught by Professor Rebecca Howard. Works we'll cover in this lesson range from contemporary artists in the 21st century such as Banksy and Kehinde Wiley.

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Storytelling Through Costume and Set Design

November 16, 2022

Let's talk storytelling with panelists from local theatre and dance groups of Memphis!

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Homeschool Days: Come Together!

November 17, 2022

To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, our November Homeschool Day will celebrate depictions of families and communities in the Brooks’s collection. Explore how different families are portrayed in art and create your own family portrait in our studio!

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The Wild Holiday Rumpus!

December 3, 2022

“And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!” Come celebrate the holiday season at Memphis' art museum with art-making, cookie decorating, live performances, Sendak’s Nutcracker film screening, and so much more. Fun and free for the whole family!

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"Nutcracker: the Motion Picture" Movie Screening

December 3, 2022

Join us for a free screening of "Nutcracker: the Motion Picture" featuring set and costume design by Maurice Sendak!

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'Where the Wild Things Are' Movie Screening

January 7, 2023

Join us for a screening of Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are" adaptation of Maurice Sendak's story on Saturday, January 7th.

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