Rotunda Project: Thomas Jackson Rotunda Project: Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson, Tulle no. 34_v2, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, 2021.

November 2023 - October 2024

Rotunda Project: Thomas Jackson

Pennsylvania-based artist Thomas Jackson (b. 1971; Philadelphia) harnesses the wind and lightweight nylon tulle
in pastel shades to create ethereal works of art that blur the boundaries between landscape photography, sculpture, and kinetic art. His ever-changing and delicately mesmerizing work appears to morph from a solid to a
liquid, and from fire to billowing smoke. This site-specific commission for the MBMA’s Rotunda marks the first time
that Jackson’s work has been shown in Tennessee.

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Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

The American art theorist Linda Nochlin (1931-2017) posed this question as the title of a pioneering article in 1971. This essay was considered one of the first major works of Feminist art history, it has become a set text for those who study art internationally, and it is influential in many other fields.

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? by Linda Nochlin