Film Screening - 'The Lady Eve' (1941)
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Film Screening - 'The Lady Eve' (1941)



July 2024

2:00 pm

4:00 pm

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
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More than 80 years after its debut, The Lady Eve stands as the quintessential romantic comedy, setting the bar for all others with its rapid-fire dialogue and duplicitous characters who breathe life into an improbable plot. Throughout Preston Sturges' memorable screwball romance, con artist-turned-would-be seductress Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) uses her wits and her wardrobe to lead unwitting beer baron-cum-herpetologist Charles Pike (Henry Fonda) astray. Costume designer Edith Head's ingenious wardrobe choices, including 25 outfits for the domineering Harrington, became iconic, sparking several fashion trends during WWII. Stanwyck appreciated Head's deft designs that flattered her so-called “problem” figure, and insisted on the costumer for all her subsequent roles. Just as the exhibition Christian Siriano: People Are People celebrates self-expression, The Lady Eve champions individuality and style for every body and age.

Join us for a screening of 'The Lady Eve' (1941) at your art museum on July 21! Refreshments will be available for purchase in the Cafe.

The Lady Eve | 1941 | Director: Preston Sturges | USA | Runtime: 91 minutes

$10 Members | $15 General Admission
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