Art Builds Creativity 2022 - 2023Art Builds Creativity 2022 - 2023

February 15th - April 30th

Art Builds Creativity 2022 - 2023

This dynamic exhibition features artwork created by the Memphis-area students who participated in the 2022-23 Art Builds Creativity (ABC) program.  Founded in 1979, ABC is an arts enrichment program for fourth-grade students and teachers that provides quality visual arts education and meaningful museum experiences for more than 500 students each year.  

This year’s theme for the program was “Our Community.” Students were asked to reflect on the various way that artists depict their communities and the members in it. During their visits to the museum, students participated in guided tours, engaged in critical thinking discussions, and composed written reflections about the artwork they encountered.  After their tours students moved to the studio where they created original works of art inspired by what they had seen in the galleries. Mid-South artist Jared Small’s Last Song served as a point of reference for the students’ first visit where they created self-portraits.  Students drew inspiration from Carl Moore’s Memphis on the Mississippi (Ode to Tom Lee) when creating their collage landscapes.  Teachers extended the learning back to the classroom by leading pre- and post-visit writing activities that further enhanced their students’ creative skills.

The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art would like to thank the students, administrators, teachers, and parents of the participating schools:

·     AspireColeman School

·     Alcy Elementary School

·     W.H. BrewsterElementary School

·     CrumpElementary School

·     DunbarElementary

·     Fox MeadowsElementary School

·     Vollentine Elementary School


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The 901 Black American Portraits Soundtrack

The 901 Black American Portraits Soundtrack

Listen to a soundtrack of Memphis music that exemplifies Black Love, Power, and Joy. The 901 Black American Portraits Soundtrack celebrates the vibrant legacy and future of Black musicians in the city of Memphis. This playlist was curated by Jared “Jay B” Boyd, a Memphis-based multimedia artist, journalist, DJ, and on-air personality.

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MCA Exhibition Questionnaire

MCA Exhibition Questionnaire

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Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

The American art theorist Linda Nochlin (1931-2017) posed this question as the title of a pioneering article in 1971. This essay was considered one of the first major works of Feminist art history, it has become a set text for those who study art internationally, and it is influential in many other fields.

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? by Linda Nochlin