This page includes lesson plans for teachers to connect their students’ museum visit to the classroom.

Lesson plans with objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy are available for themed tours of the permanent collection and special exhibitions. They’re designed to provide information about artworks, vocabulary, online resources, suggested curriculum standards, and pre- and post- museum visit activities for the classroom.

The Environment 

Grades PreK-1 (ages 4-6)

Explore themes from the environment, including seasons, animal habitats, and weather patterns through interactive gallery discussions and art-making activities.


Elements of Art  

Grades 1-4

Discuss line, shape, color, texture, form, and space and how artists use these elements to creat artwork and express ideas.


Urban vs. Rural Communities

Grades 1-4

Examine artworks to compare urban and rural communities and the various roles that are associated with them.



Narrative in Art

Grades 1-6

Learn about narrative in works of art and discover how artists use different visual techniques to create a story.


Image to Word  

Grades 4-12

Respond to creative writing prompts in the unique environment of the museum.


The Role of the Artist

Grades 5-8

Discover artworks and explore the role of artists in communities throughout the world.


Materials and Meaning  

Grades 6-12

Explore the diverse materials that artists have used to create art and the various meanings associated with the media and forms.


Brooks Passport 

Grades 7 to Adult

Visitors travel to different time periods and places by exploring the Brooks’ collection of artworks ranging from antiquity to present. This tour does not include a studio experience.


Art with an Agenda

Grades 9-12

Discuss and explore how some artists use their work to spread a message or promote social change.



Past Exhibitions Lesson Plans

Renaissance and Baroque Art

Grades 1-12

Examine artworks from the Renaissance and Baroque period, discussing the differences and similarities in materials, ideas, and content that was used at this pivotal time for art.


Red Grooms: Traveling Correspondent 

Grades 1-12

This dynamic exhibition (on view October 15, 2016 – January 8, 2017) features the colorful works of Tennessee artist Red Grooms. Tour content highlights storytelling in art, prominent Tennessee state historical figures, and the varied, unique materials Grooms uses to create his work.


Lesson Plans

Roger Brown, American, 1941 – 1997, Clouds Over Alabama, 1994, Oil on canvas, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art purchase; funds provided by the Thomas W. Briggs Foundation Community Service Award in honor of Kaywin Feldman, with additional support from Mimi Loeb 2006.22. © School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Brown Family

Thomas Hart Benton, American, 1889 - 1975, Engineer's Dream, 1931, Oil on panel, Eugenia Buxton Whitnel Funds, 75.1. © T.H. Benton and R.P. Benton Testamentary Trusts/ UMB Bank Trustee/VAGA, New York, NY

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal), The Grand Canal from the Campo San Vio, 1730-1735, Oil on canvas, Gift of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, 61.216.

Carroll Cloar, American (active in Memphis), 1913 - 1993, My Father Was Big as a Tree, c. 1955, Casein tempura on masonite, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art; Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Morrie A. Moss, 55.24. © Estate of the artist

Isaac Soyer, American (b. Russia), 1902 - 1981, Cafeteria, c. 1930, Oil on canvas, Gift of Mr. E. R. Brumley, 45.12. © Estate of the Artist

John Buck, American, b. 1946, Full Circle, c. 1992, Jelutong wood and acrylic paint, Gift of AutoZone Inc., 2001.15.6. © John Buck / VAGA , New York, NY

Chakaia Booker, American, b. 1953, Untitled, 2002, Rubber tire and wood, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art purchase; funds provided by Wil and Sally Hergenrader, 2006.33. © Chakaia Booker

Winslow Homer, American, 1836 - 1910, Reading by the Brook, c. 1879, Oil on canvas, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art; Memphis Park Commission purchase, 43.22.

Tim Rollins, American, b. 1955, Invisible Man, c. 2001, Book pages, gesso, and acrylic on canvas, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art; Gift of The Deupree Family Foundation and the Turley Foundation, 2001.3. © Tim Rollins

German, Saint Michael, c. 1450-1480, Limewood, polychromed and gilded, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art Purchase with funds provided by Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Carrick, Dr. and Mrs. Marcus W. Orr, Fr. And Mrs. William F. Outlan, Mr. and Mrs. Downing Pryor, Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Wilson, Brooks League in memory of Margaret A. Tate, 84.3.

Red Grooms, American, b. 1937, Tennessee S Curve, 2001, Enamel on epoxy on Styrofoam, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art purchase; Morrie A. Moss Acquisition Fund 2001.10. © Red Grooms / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York