Fun for all ages, Inside Art is a hands-on family gallery that brings the museum’s amazing collection to your fingertips. Seven exciting activities in an immersive 1,000 square feet of space, help all visitors to experience art with more confidence and enthusiasm.

Inside Art is Tennessee’s only family gallery dedicated to visual literacy – the ability to make meaning from the images you see. Teachers, parents, and caregivers alike will love each thoughtful element and its profound learning objectives. Children of all ages will relish in the sounds, sights, and textures as they pose, climb, create, relax, and explore.

Portal Walls

Each entrance is an exciting way to literally walk through the art. Then, add color to the line drawings of works from our collection.


Follow your natural curiosities and open cabinets and doors to see what’s inside and learn more about one of the museum’s most popular paintings. Use a secret decoder to read the hidden messages to learn more.


Experiment with different materials to experience the artistic process yourself. Post photos of your creations and tag us using #Inside Art and #BrooksMuseum.


Climb inside and relax as you take in the art for a contemplative moment. Match the music and sound effects to make it a fuller sensory experience.


Be a part of a painting by donning costumes and posing or acting in the space. Post your photos and tag using #Inside Art and #BrooksMuseum.


Climb through three levels and hone your observations skills as you look at real works of art hiding all around you. Use magnifying glasses, binoculars, and tinted lenses provided to look more closely and in new ways. Then, talk with your grown-up on the outside to let them know what only you can see.


Choose from the wide selection of works from our collection and create your own exhibition. Then state your opinion by using the emojis and prompts provided. Take a photo of your exhibition and tag us using #Inside Art and #BrooksMuseum.

Each activity introduces art skills that we hope will help you to be confident art explorers.

For your safety, each child under twelve must be accompanied by an adult.

Changing tables and bathrooms are nearby, and bottle and breastfeeding are always welcome.

For teachers and camp groups interested in tours, click here.

Inside Art was generously funded by The Plough Foundation.