Photography Policy

Photography is permitted with no flash for personal and casual use. Flash is forbidden because it has the potential to damage artworks as well as it is distracting to other museum visitors. On occasions, photography restrictions do come up. Visitor Services will inform the public about such restrictions upon their arrival and appropriate signage will be posted at exhibition entrances. Video and tripods may not to be used in any museum gallery. Movie and video cameras also may not be used in the galleries.

Image Licensing / Permanent Collection

Works of art in the collection of Memphis Brook Museum of Art (the “Museum”), although owned by the Museum, may be protected by copyright, publication rights, or related interests that are not owned by the Museum. In supplying images, the Museum is not giving permission to exploit any third party rights. Individuals requesting images have the responsibility to obtain whatever rights or other permissions that may be required from an artist, his estate or any other third party rights holder.

1. The museum charges licensing fees for high resolution images (tiffs or jpegs) that are provided with contractual guidelines. These fees help fund ongoing efforts to care for our collection.

2. The Registrar’s Office will provide, free of charge, a low resolution digital image (jpeg) of a work of art in Memphis Brooks Museum’s ("the museum”) permanent collection, if it is available, for educational use or for scholarly or personal research, including a thesis, dissertation, or other school related paper. If you request a work in the museum’s collection that has not been photographed, photography may have to be arranged and this could involve a fee. Digital materials requested for research and educational purposes are not intended for publication, broadcast, or in any medium or for personal or commercial gain. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exploitation of this material is not permitted. All parties using this material will not infringe or violate the rights of any other party.

3. The museum is committed to protecting the copyright and other protective rights of creative artists. Some artist’s copyrights may be administered by Visual Artists and Galleries Association, Inc. (VAGA) or Artists Rights Society (ARS).

As a courtesy, contact information for these organizations is listed below.

Submitting Image Request

Requests must include contact information (name, address, telephone, e-mail), and refer to image by artist/maker, title, and/or accession number.

If it is to be published in any format, other information required:

Title and author of publication; format (book, web, journal, catalog, etc…); Print run and retail price; publication date; publishers name and address; number of languages; designate cover, full page, ¼ page, ½ page illustration; size of digital image required for project (pixels).

Please forward all imaging requests to:

Registrar’s Office / Rights and Reproductions 

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

1934 Poplar Ave. 

Memphis, TN 38104 

Fax: 901-544-6276 


All requests are subject to review and approval. Costs vary and will be determined based upon intended use, available photography, and preferred delivery method. A quote will be sent outlining these costs, followed by a contract that specifies how the image(s) may be used in your project. Advanced payment required.

Requests for photographic material and permission to reproduce works from the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art’s collection must be made in writing.

Inquiries should be directed to:

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art - Registrar’s Office

1934 Poplar Ave.

Memphis, TN 38104

Fax: 901.544.6276


Please state whether the image will be used for research purposes or publication. Once a written request is received, an Application for Permission for Reproduction form along with an invoice for the appropriate fees will be sent. Reproduction fees vary, and requests for new photography incur additional fees. Upon receipt of signed form and payment, photographic material will be forwarded.The Brooks will provide reproductions of work protected by the artist’s copyright once permission is granted by either the artist, his or her estate, or the organization handling the artist’s copyright, including the Visual Artists and Galleries Association (VAGA) or the Artists Rights Society (ARS).


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