Drawing Memory

Installation March 6 - 17, 2017

Exhibition Overview

Drawing Memory, Havana biennial, 2015.
Image by Victor Ekpuk

Victor Ekpuk, a Nigerian-born, Washington D.C.-based artist, will paint a mural for the new African art galleries between March 6 and 17. His art is inspired by nsibidi, a sacred means of communication among male secret societies in southeastern Nigeria. Evolving out of the graphic and writing systems of nsibidi, Ekpuk’s art embraces a wider spectrum of meaning to communicate universal themes. He says, “The subject matter of my work deals with the human condition explained through themes that are both universal and specific: family, gender, politics, culture and identity.”

The 58-foot mural is the beginning of the renovation of the African gallery, which will culminate in the fall with a reinstallation organized by Dr. Christa Clarke, Senior Curator, Arts of Global Africa, Newark Museum and president-elect, Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) and AAMC Foundation.