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A Different Kind of Landscape: Maysey Craddock and Erin Harmon

04/17/2013 - 11/10/2013

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Curated by Marina Pacini, Chief Curator and Curator of American, Modern, and Contemporary Art

Maysey Craddock and Erin Harmon are part of the venerable tradition of landscape painting, although their works are anything but conventional. Despite their focus on their surroundings, neither one works directly from nature. With both artists, their painstaking working process is visible. Craddock disassembles and stitches paper bags to form the ground for her complex images of trees and buildings ravaged by time and the elements. In contrast, Harmon’s garden-like terrariums are built of multiple, tiny, hand-painted and cut pieces that are layered and assembled across the page in a manner that is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints. Craddock’s and Harmon’s distinctive, evocative paintings demonstrate that even centuries old traditions can be updated and made contemporary.

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Maysey Craddock
Phantom Shore, 2013
Gouache and thread on found paper
Courtesy of David lusk gallery