Brooks Outside: Outings Project

September 2018

Outings Project in Paris,
© Julien de Casabianca

The Brooks has invited French artist Julien de Casabianca to enliven Memphis with his Outings Project. This next installation in the Brooks Outside series brings paintings from museum walls onto the streets, creating an opportunity to discover, appreciate, and understand artwork in a new way.

Since launching this movement in 2014, he has been invited by many museums around the world to bring this project to their cities, including Istanbul, Turkey; Belgrade, Serbia; Medellin, Colombia; Aberdeen, Scotland; Katmandu, Nepal; and several cities in the United States. Dubbed the Robin Hood of Street Art – de Casabianca takes portraits of characters plucked from classical paintings found on the walls of museums and pastes them onto public buildings to create his unique style of art.

Outings Project in Hamburg,
© Julien de Casabianca

De Casabianca held a workshop at the Brooks in April with a variety of community participants who each selected a detail from a work of art in the museum’s collection. These details will be photographed, greatly enlarged, printed, and pasted to the wall of a public building, with one being the façade of the Brooks.

Brooks Outside: Outings Project takes figures off the gallery walls, putting them at street level on weather-worn corners, alley walls, and abandoned buildings for people to interact with on a personal level.

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