Meet the Brooks Teen Advisory Committee!

Meet the Brooks Teen Advisory Committee, a group of teenagers from local high schools that will meet once a month throughout the school year.

What’s the goal?

The Brooks museum is interested in developing a teen program and the committee will help us determine what it should look like. We will test some of our ideas and some of theirs. Activities will include gallery tours, art making, and workshops with professional artists. In the spring, the committee will plan and execute an exhibition in the education gallery. The Brooks will solicit teens for guidance and feedback throughout the entire process.

In September, the committee convened to connect with the museum and staff and bond with each other.  Teens explored the museum through prompts such as, “Find an object, that for you, embodies pure joy..,” and then shared their responses with the group. Later, members created a work of art that expressed the ideas shared in the galleries.  We can’t wait to see what happens next!

For more information about the Brooks Teen Advisory Committee please contact

Posted by Andria Lisle at 9:00 AM
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