Ghost in the Museum?


While the museum world and paranormal groups brace wait to see if the now famous spinning statue at the Manchester Museum will "lose its magical power" once it's moved to a different pedestal, the Brooks would like to take the opportunity to share our own specter conjectures. The unique, read: explainable, thing about Manchester's paranormal occurrence was that it only happened during the day. As museum visitors shuffled around the 10-foot Egyptian relic, security cameras captured footage of it turning around in its case and turning its back to the visitors. By the end of each day the hieroglyphics inscribed on his back were made visible: "Bring bread, beer, and beef". 

Capture_zoomWe were recently blessed with a new security system, and other than the obvious benefits it has provided documentation of some pretty spooky stuff. When one of the installers was reviewing tape to see if the tool cart he had left in the building had been tampered with, he caught footage of a translucent bust-like figure, hovering and skirting around the structure. Was it guarding the cart? Part of the new security system!? See for yourself.


This is but one of the many spooky stories the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art has collected over the years. Stay tuned for more, as we reveal them in conjunction with the Carroll Cloar exhibition and the upcoming Live in the Galleries series, featuring ghost stories told by Backbeat Tours!

[caption id="attachment_5481" align="aligncenter" width="1183"]Capture June 2, 2013 Little guy was guarding the tool cart all weekend.[/caption]

Posted by Andria Lisle at 9:13 AM
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