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Money, money, money. . .

How much money does it take to run an art museum like the Brooks? The answer is almost 3 ½ million dollars a year. Where in the world does if come from? Well, the city of Memphis gives us some (12% to be exact) and we have to make or raise the rest. Some of it comes from people having their weddings here. That helps a lot. Some of it comes from admission fees paid at the front desk, sales in the gift shop, film tickets, and profit from lunches sold in the restaurant. The rest of it ($2.3 million) is “raised” by the development department. Raising money means asking people to buy memberships, sponsor an exhibition or an event, leave us a donation in their will, come to our wine event and spend money, or simply contribute to the cause.

How do you raise $2.3 million in this economy? Well, it’s hard. The most important thing to do is ASK. We ask people every day to give to the Brooks in some way. No one is going to contribute unless we ask. So please don’t be annoyed by the year end giving requests you receive by the handful. I guarantee there’s a development staff member behind each of those mailings who is freaking out about having to make revenue goals.

The Brooks is truly an incredible place. Not only do we have world-class art, we have great films, family programs, an award-winning restaurant, free days, school tours, art therapy, and fun parties. It takes a lot of money to deliver these services to the Memphis community. So the next time you enjoy something at the Brooks please think about what it takes to run this place: $3.5 million dollars.

Thank you for your support!!!!

Posted by Andria Lisle at 3:30 PM
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