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R.I.P. Jim Marshall, Rock Photographer

When Who Shot Rock opens here on June 26, there will be several examples of Jim Marshall's work included in the exhibition. Unfortunately, Marshall -- heralded by the New York Times as "a photographer whose images of Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and others in the 1960s and ’70s helped define their subjects as well as rock ’n’ roll photography itself" -- won't be around to participate. The groundbreaking artist died overnight on Tuesday in a hotel in New York. He... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Thursday, March 25, 2010
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The Sivads of March Are Here

Memphis Flyer reporter Chris Davis did a MONSTROUS job writing the cover story about the Sivads of March in this week's edition: The horror first took control of Memphis television sets at 6 p.m. Saturday, September 29, 1962. It began with a grainy clip of black-and-white film showing an ornate horse-drawn hearse moving silently through a misty stretch of Overton Park. Weird music screeched and swelled, helping to set the scene. A fanged man in a top hat and cape dismounted. His skin... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Thursday, March 25, 2010
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R.I.P. Alex Chilton

Everyone at the Brooks is saddened to hear that Memphis musician Alex Chilton died yesterday at the age of 59. Chilton was scheduled to perform at the Levitt Shell on May 15, as part of the iconic power pop group Big Star. The amphitheatre is right in our backyard, and many of us museum employees were looking forward to strolling over after work for a night of incredible, made-in-Memphis music. Today, news, memories and eulogies about Chilton are pouring in from around the world.... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Thursday, March 18, 2010
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What's a Grant? Why You Want One, and How to Get It: A Blog from Bob

Meet Bob Arnold, Grants Manager and margarita extraordinaire for the Brooks. Learn more about Bob here . Bob. Let’s start today’s blog entry by dispelling some myths: (1) Frogs cannot give you warts . (2) Serial killers are not using the sound of a baby crying to lure you outside. (3) You can end a sentence with a preposition . (4) Grants are not free money. Of these, number four is perhaps the most shocking, or at least the most widely misunderstood. As Grants... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Monday, March 15, 2010
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Development Department:What We Do

Money, money, money. . . How much money does it take to run an art museum like the Brooks? The answer is almost 3 ½ million dollars a year. Where in the world does if come from? Well, the city of Memphis gives us some (12% to be exact) and we have to make or raise the rest. Some of it comes from people having their weddings here. That helps a lot. Some of it comes from admission fees paid at the front desk, sales in the gift shop, film tickets, and profit from lunches sold in the... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Monday, December 14, 2009
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New Masterpieces Installation Video

Check out our newest installation video by local talent Joshua Beckmeyer:   .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } Read More
at Sunday, October 4, 2009
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Unloading Masterpieces from Museo de Arte de Ponce!

In just three short weeks, the Brooks will unveil the largest exhibition in our 94-year history! Masterpieces from Museo de Arte de Ponce will feature 60 works from 6 European countries, spanning over 6 centuries. Many of the paintings included in the exhibition have never since been exhibited outside of Puerto Rico! The show will be on view from October 3, 2009, through January 10, 2010. Since we’re all art nerds, we thought it was really cool to see the delivery truck pull up and unload... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Monday, September 14, 2009
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I was recently talking to Jerre Dye of Voices of the South.   He attended a conference last year at which a speaker was discussing the fact that we are exhibiting the signs of being on the verge of an arts renaissance .  He was saying that since the 60’s (the dawn of McDonald’s era), people have wanted everything like fast food.   Make it fast, make it the same.   I don’t want to think, I need to go.   Now, now, now…      But in the past five or so years, things have begun to... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Friday, April 4, 2008
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The Declarator Preparator

The Brooks ' preparator, Richard Gamble, recently had an exhibit at the P&H Cafe titled Glass Eyes Scavenger Hunt.  Every inch of the P&H's walls are wallpapered with memorabillia, art, photos, posters, really anything you can think of, leaving no exposure of bare wall.  Gamble wanted his artwork to be an excuse to pay attention to the environment as a whole; for the other objects on the wall to enter in his work and vice versa, conjuring emotion from a complex sense.   ... Read More
Posted by Andria Lisle at Saturday, March 15, 2008
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