Art Builds Creativity

Art Builds Creativity (ABC) is a visual art enrichment program available to fourth grade classes at Title I schools in Memphis. ABC has provided quality art education and meaningful museum experiences to students and teachers in Memphis since 1979.  The goals of the program are to increase creativity skills and reinforce language art skills.  In four, ninety minutes sessions, two in the regular school classroom and two at the Brooks, instructors use artworks in the museum's collection to inspire group discussion, art making, and creative writing. Each lesson includes support materials and classroom activities for teachers. ABC culminates with an exhibition of student artwork at the Brooks. 

ABC is a year-long commitment that begins in August and concludes in March. Participation is free except for the cost of transportation for two museum visits. Participants are required to attend in an orientation at the beginning of the year to establish content areas and to provide feedback about the program at the end of the year.  Recruitment takes place each spring. For more information contact

The Art Builds Creativity Program is generously sponsored by the Tennessee Arts Commission, International Paper, and Target,

Classroom Activities

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Museum Manners

Museum Manners

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