Café Conversations: Celebrating or misappropriating culture?

03/21/2018, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art | Free. map


After a brief tour of African-Print Fashion Now! with Chief Curator Marina Pacini, join anthropologists  Dr. Susan Kus, Rhodes College, and Dr. Victor Raharijaona, Chercheur Associé, Université de Fianaratsoa, Madagascar in a discussion about the term “cultural appropriation.”

How does cultural appropriation differ from assimilation or cultural exchange? Is cultural appropriation an example of free expression, or is it a form of colonialism? What are the lines between cultural borrowing, cultural appropriation, and cultural appreciation?

These scholars will help us navigate these complex questions of culture in a relaxed setting. 

Francis K. Honny (b. Elmina, Ghana, 1914–1998), Portrait of man and woman, Elmina, Ghana, circa 1975, Black and white photograph, Courtesy Tobias Wendl