Café Conversations

09/20/2017, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Café Brooks by Paradox, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art map


Dr. Ari Eisenberg, Rhodes College Assistant Professor of History, will lead a discussion on “Portraying ‘The Other’: Gender, Race and Representation in American Art” for the first Café Conversation in September.

Dr. Eisenberg’s tour will define who “The Other” is and how they are portrayed in art by examining select works in the museum’s American and contemporary galleries, followed by a 45-minute conversation in Café Brooks.

Café Conversations is a pilot project that explores art and social justice issues through candid discussions inside Café Brooks by Paradox.

The conversations will occur the third Wednesday of every month and will coincide with a tour of a related special exhibition or works from the permanent collection. Led by local Memphians, the series will encourage visitors to contemplate real life issues by drawing comparisons to themes in art.