Cafe Conversations: The Spiritual World and Art with Emily Guenther

05/23/2018, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Café Brooks and Farris Gallery | FREE map


World religions and spirituality have always been intertwined with art – from the sculptural depictions of Egyptian gods to the Renaissance paintings of Christ. In this Café Conversation, Emily Guenther, owner of the Broom Closet, will guide us through the antiquities currently on view in the Day Collection as we contemplate how spiritual practices might inform the creation of ancient objects and art.

This conversation will feature a special sigil crafting demonstration led by Emily. Sigils were used in early spiritual art and are still used today as a way to manifest the maker’s desires.

Free. No reservations are required.

Café Conversations are held the third Wednesday of every month and will coincide with a tour of a related special exhibition or works from the permanent collection. Led by local Memphians, the series will encourage visitors to contemplate real life issues by drawing comparisons to themes in art.